potatodemons asked:
I love all your art :D its all so awesome :3 , you're amazing :P What inspired you to start drawing punks ? :p

Awww thanks a bunch! :\D

Oh well, I was into ’80s dark and gothic culture when I was 16/20 then I became I metal head. But I always had a thing for punk guys and hippies and I listen to horror punk since ages. 

So yeah, I think it’s an urban culture I love, except the drugs part.

A new bunch of selfie from ‘myfaceonly’ blog.

New Graphic I made for my YouTube channel!

I also made a tee with this graphic. It’s available on Society6. ^^

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Beta reader needed!

Hello guys!

I may need an American/English beta reader to help me improving the English version of CyberSteel (a BL comic of 47 pages). Someone’s just said the comic has some typos and sounds a bit weird.
Any volunteers? 
P.S. You will be credited in the book.

EDIT: Thank you so much guys! I’ve found 5 people already! :3

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Anonymous asked:
Omg I just love Nuvat's character design it's just astounding and so visually compelling and yeah 'OMG' sums it up

Oh hi! Look at what I’ve found. :D The first drawing where I came up with this design. Pretty old though, it was done in 2011. The red body painting was added later in 2013, I think. :)image

nefrane asked:
You remind me of a guy I had the biggest crush in highschool. ^^

Oh wow! Epic. I’m flattered!


strangecaseofkayos asked:
Ahh!! Omg. I LOVE your art!!! You are wonderful and make my day! Xoxo

I’m so glad you like my stuff! Sorry for the super late reply. >\3<


yumaryoshi asked:
Sweet! Your back! Been AGES since I've spoken with ya. Hope to hear more from ya and see your work a little more frequent~

Yep I’m back. Oh well, just working on my comics for conventions right now. I’ll be more active after October though. ^-^

Believe me, they love each other. XD

Mark and Stefan from ‘Outwards' the Yaoi manga I'm working on. 

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