Anonymous asked:
Omg I just love Nuvat's character design it's just astounding and so visually compelling and yeah 'OMG' sums it up

Oh hi! Look at what I’ve found. :D The first drawing where I came up with this design. Pretty old though, it was done in 2011. The red body painting was added later in 2013, I think. :)image

nefrane asked:
You remind me of a guy I had the biggest crush in highschool. ^^

Oh wow! Epic. I’m flattered!


strangecaseofkayos asked:
Ahh!! Omg. I LOVE your art!!! You are wonderful and make my day! Xoxo

I’m so glad you like my stuff! Sorry for the super late reply. >\3<


yumaryoshi asked:
Sweet! Your back! Been AGES since I've spoken with ya. Hope to hear more from ya and see your work a little more frequent~

Yep I’m back. Oh well, just working on my comics for conventions right now. I’ll be more active after October though. ^-^

Believe me, they love each other. XD

Mark and Stefan from ‘Outwards' the Yaoi manga I'm working on. 

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In case you haven't been told today, you are amazing and I love you.

Awww! You’re the cutest!


Art Giveaway!





I’ve reached 500 followers! Hooray! I’ve therefore decided to do a little giveaway c:.

There will be 2 winners that will each get a fully coloured waishot drawing of any character of their choice like this one (However that depends on the amount of notes, if there aren’t many notes, there will be only one winner).

The rules are pretty simple: You don’t have to be following me (however it would be very nice if you do and I’ll be very grateful), and both likes and reblogs count.

The giveaway will end on the 22nd of August. If the person doesn’t reply within 24 hours I’ll unfortunately have to choose another winner.

I hope I didn’t mess anything up and good luck!

Hey guys there’s around a week (Or maybe less) left until the giveaway ends!

Giveaway ends in 2 days!

Anonymous asked:
Could you do more Shye?

I wish I have time to draw for me… 


But yes, after ‘Outwards’ and ‘CyberSteel - Farewell’ comic I’ll make some new illustrations. 

Anonymous asked:
does Nuvat have a birthday? :3

Yep. October 29th. 

siralexandria asked:
Lol more oc questions if you don't mind?? What are their favorite hobbies??? ooh and what would they consider an ideal date???? and i love your new hair btw!!!!



I suck at hobbies. It’s the hardest part to figure out when you’re developing an OC. Anyway I’m improvising…

Alex and Kev play videogames together.

Alex loves to travel and visit new cities and countries and he has a thing for motorbikes and metal concerts. 

Kevin is the nerdest: he can’t live without his laptop. He loves documentaries about nature and space and he’s a little obsessed over aliens in every form and size. 

Jelom…I can’t spoil much about him except he has to be informed about everything happening in the world. He’s a CyberGoth so he’s obsessed with fluo colors and gas masks and Techno EBM music and old school punk. 

Upper loves to clean his weapons, every time, every day, always. And he loves cooking so much (I almost envy him, this is such a good quality for a guy). 

Anger loves gardening and playing violin. Did I mention he can play the piano as well? 

Nuvat loves trying to kill himself in creative ways. Also he loves to haunt, scare and then torture human beings. He’s always been a problem child… 

Mark Koch unexpectedly loves to read books and to collect guns. 

Ideal date is hardest part as well… 

I’m pretty sure Alex will be gay in the original CyberSteel story as well. But he’s not the romantic type. And I’m pretty sure he will keep his sexuality secret. He’s a reserved person after all, but still the ‘party hard’ type. XD Strange but true. 

Kev would love a girl like him, nerd and everything. He’s the romantic type. He could sit with her in the night under the stars.

Jelom…I’m not even sure Jelom is even able to love a person. O_O Same is for Nuvat.

Upper maybe Irene could’ve been his type… He would love a business woman in some luxurious setting. Same for Stefan, I think. 

Anger and Irene. Well, this is real love guys, believe me. And they had many ideal dates, with red roses, champagne and a suite in Paris. <33

Mark Koch ideal date is: ‘Take off your clothes, baby. I want to fuck’ (Is he a Lannister or something?)

BTW thanks for the compliment on my hair. :\D