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happy birthday hun! hope you have a wonderfully spectacular day!! (:

Yep, it was the best day ever. :°D On 26th I had sushi dinner with friends, then played Mario Kart 8 at home until 5:50 am. Then on my birthday I had lunch with my relatives and then worked on ‘Outwards’ because I’m behind on schedule. Coff coff.

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Congratulations contestant [6 000 779 378] on completing level 26 in The Earth Games. Please continue to level 27 and good luck.


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Are you going to continue Cybersteel?

Oh sure! But not as a Boys Love webcomic. We’ll continue it on Patreon with a new supercool colorist. :)

Yayyy! Happy B-day to meeee!

I’m officially 27!!! YAYYYY!!!

This sunday (27/07) is my Birthday!

And I will turn 27. It’s the perfect number.

I will play Mario Kart with friends and will have a sushi dinner and will probably get drunk. And then…back to work!

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You are way hotter than Nuvat. <3.


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You kind of have same face syndrome??? they all kind of look like you.


I clearly see you point. I use myself as reference.

But then again I’m not handsome as Nuvat, you see. There are small differences that make him definitely better than me. 

I changed nose, jawline, muscles, eyebrows, ears, eyes and lower lip. So he may look similar but not 100% like me. 


Younger Rahim skipping classes?

This is WHY you should watch my bro on dA, k? 

+ New account on dA! +


Please reblog ;v; I will post my art there soon.

Go follow my bro! Go!

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welcome back n_n


Moved my OWN ART account back to this.


Hi guys, 

I need to explain things. This blog is my main blog since 2010. It used to be, then it became After a year or so, back in 2013, I needed some fresh air and wanted to make a new account for my art, but didn’t want to change account. So basically I made another blog and decided to keep this one for reblogs only. This one became

Anyway, after more than 1 year, I definitely got tired of liking posts with this name. It’s a stupid thing, I know, but I want my main blog to lead to my art, if possible. 

WendigoLikes was a beautiful journey. It lasted 1 year and a half, but I’m tired of this situation. I’m closing WendigoLikes as it is and only my stuff will be available on this blog after this post, which I think is an apology message.

Hope you guys will forgive me. 

Take care,


And a kiss to those who want to stay on board.


Reblogging in case you missed it.